Frontiers Cover Art (V3.2).jpg



1. Frontiers Theme
2. Garden
3. Miles Of Truth
4. I Believe In Our Love
5. Millennia
6. Except You
7. Everybody Knows Everything
8. Don’t Need Drugs (Intro)
9. Don’t Need Drugs
10. Enough
11. What They’re Missing
12. Miles Of Truth (Reprise)
13. The Devil’s Table

Dustin invites you into uncharted territory with his upcoming new album Frontiers, released on August 16th, 2019.

Frontiers is the first album of all-new music from Dustin since his 2017 album Phases. Preceded by three of its tracks released as singles - the infectiously funky “I Believe In Our Love” the atmospheric & driving “Miles Of Truth” and the beautiful and ethereal confession of faith and doubt “Except You” - Frontiers was produced and mixed by Dustin and primarily recorded in Nashville at his own Jigsaw Studios with additional recording at Sputnik Sound and Maxwell Tree Studios. As is the case with all of his recordings, Dustin played all the instrumentation on nearly every track and sang without the use of any vocal correction software.

Of the album’s title, Dustin says, “I’ve always liked the word ‘Frontiers’ because to me it symbolizes spaciousness, exploration, and discovery. I wanted to explore things that I had yet to do with any of my music and to showcase different parts of my musicality and my voice that I hadn’t before. It’s an experiential album, something meant to be listened to front to back, like a full journey as opposed to little vignettes. It’s also the most vulnerable I’ve been on an album, with much of the content centering around the inner work I’ve done and experienced over the past several years. I finally found the courage to open my heart up even farther and share my experiences in a way I hadn’t before. It’s all about newness. It’s about bravery in exploring new places, new sounds, new ideas, and being honest with myself about what I truly believe or don’t believe about myself, others, the world, and the universe. It’s a document of me regaining lost courage, identity, and strength. And as a natural outgrowth of my own journey, the record became something that ended up serving multiple purposes - not only did I find a lot of healing and truth in writing and recording these songs, I realized that the ultimate goal was to serve others with it. Above all, the record is an invitation to both myself and others to go deeper into ourselves to find new or lost places that may have been buried in there for a long time.”

True to the inspiration behind its title, Frontiers’ 13 songs create a kaleidoscopic, atmospheric, heartfelt, deeply funky, and (at times) tongue-in-cheek journey of discovery and healing. With recurring themes both musically and lyrically throughout, the album is intrinsically narrative and meant to be experienced similarly to reading a novel or watching a film. From the hazy contemplation of “Garden” to the blisteringly funky celebration of sobriety in “Don’t Need Drugs” and the gospel-influenced affirmation of love, devotion, and protection in “What They’re Missing”, Frontiers explores a myriad of different moods and settings, all firmly rooted in the present moment - with Dustin’s extraordinary musical abilities, songwriting, singing, and production serving as the guide.

Frontiers is available on all major digital music platforms, and will also be available in a limited run of high-quality vinyl.