Goodbye Social Media + Guest Passes Contest

The time has finally come.

Today is my last official day on social media.

It has been a wild ride, & although it has served many purposes in my life over the past twelve years (fourteen if you include MySpace, but who's counting), I've come to a place of pursuing bigger and better things, and that place is a social media-free world.

To celebrate such an occasion, I am offering you fine folks one last incentive to sign up for my official newsletter, The Ransom Note, before I finally pull the plug on social media for good.

Anyone who signs up for the The Ransom Note starting NOW until midnight tonight (CST) will be entered into a drawing to win two guest passes to one of my shows of your choosing! Simply go HERE to sign up & *abracadabra*, you've entered the contest. The winner will be announced on my website on Monday, Feb. 20th.

Help me celebrate my last day on social media!