75 Years Of McCartney: A Birthday Message From Dustin


To celebrate the 75th birthday of Sir Paul McCartney, Dustin has written a short reflection on McCartney's legacy and the impact it has had on his life and music.

Happy birthday to Sir Paul McCartney, my biggest musical influence!  From the time I can remember hearing the Beatles when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I was drawn into this beautiful, wonderful world of melody, harmony, love, peace, and colorful instrumentation and experimentation.  Soon after, I discovered Paul's solo career, and became an even bigger fan.  I literally did not listen to anything except Beatles and Paul's solo records from ages 8 to 12.  That music is seared into my brain, my ears, and my heart.

In January of this year, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of performing Paul's music live, and took on the role of musical director for a massive tribute to Paul right here in Nashville, featuring a slew of extraordinarily talented friends who dug deep with me into Paul's legacy.  We performed 29 songs - 24 from Paul's solo career, and an encore of 5 Beatles classics - and it was by far one of the most magical nights of my life.  Thankfully, the show was recorded for posterity, and I am hoping that by the end of this year, I will have a chance to dig through the recordings and release some sort of document of the night.

I feel incredibly grateful to Paul for not only his talent, but the heart behind it.  When I saw him perform live in 2010, what struck me most was the kind, generous nature of his presence and performance.  68 years young at the time, the energy he exuded was as if he had woken up on Christmas morning, opened up the greatest gift in the world, and rather than hoarding it for himself, he decided to share it with all 18,500 of his friends that night, and the next night, and the next night.

Thank you, Sir Paul, for being who you are, and for the magnificent journey you have allowed me and millions of other people to share with you all these years.  Here's to many more!